Release Notes 3.6

Release Date: 9 April, 2022


Cost Posture

  • In Cost > Posture:
    -- Only onboarded cloud providers appear in the summary widget.
    -- Total cost shows cost data for each cloud account.
    -- You can save custom page level view and set as a default view.
    -- The cloud account cost data includes month wise filter, instead of relative text like previous month, last 3 months, etc.

  • In Cost > Posture> Visibility:
    -- For multiple month selections, individual month-level cost along with total cost appears.
    -- In line charts, data points will not be marked for data not available for a specific day or month.
    -- Legends appear for line charts.

Cost Recommendations

  • In Recommendation > Category > Cost:
    -- Added recommendations with respect to cost governance policies.

Cost Optimizer

  • In Cost > Cost Optimizer:
    -- Consolidated CoreStack recommender and cloud native recommendations.

Cost Optimization

  • For Azure account, added CoreStack rule based cost saving policies.
    -- Azure_PGSQL_Database_Servers_Idle
    -- Azure_MySQL_Database_Servers_Idle

  • For GCP account, added CoreStack rule based cost saving policies.


Compliance Posture

  • In Compliance > Posture:
    -- Grouped standards view against cloud accounts with respect to cloud providers. Resource view grouped under policies for quick remediation.
  • In Compliance > Posture > Visibility:
    -- Added insights into control and resource success and violation.
  • In Compliance > Posture > Visibility > {Policy Name}:
    -- Quick remediation to improve compliance posture.

OneLogin SSO Integration

  • Account administrator can enable/disable OneLogin Single Sign-On (SSO) multi factor authentication (MFA) at account level.

Role-Based Access Control (RBAC)

  • New role as Tenant_admin to create and inherit permissions from Account_admin.
  • As an Account/Tenant admin you have an option to create a user group and assign relevant role to the group. Admin can add/remove users from the group.

Compliance Assessment

  • Added OCI standard to compliance assessment report.

Enterprise Cloud Compliance (ECC)

  • Upgraded AC3 controls to NIST v5


VMware Onboarding

CoreStack allows you to onboard a VMware account. It supports below resources.

  • Network Network Networks
  • Network Network IP-Ranges
  • Network Network Load-Balancer
  • Network Network Domains
  • Network Network Network-Profiles
  • Network Network Security-Groups
  • Storage Storage Storages
  • Compute Compute Virtual Machine

OCI Onboarding

  • Added OCI Activity Post Onboarding configuration. The resource activities are stored and show in operations posture.

  • Added OCI Alerts and Activity Post Onboarding configuration. The resource activities are stored and shown in operations posture.

GCP Metrics

Added GCP Metrics


  • clients/blocked
  • clients/connected
  • commands/calls
  • commands/total_time
  • commands/usec_per_call
  • keyspace/avg_ttl
  • keyspace/keys
  • keyspace/keys_with_expiration
  • persistence/rdb/bgsave_in_progress
  • replication/master/slaves/lag
  • stats/memory/maxmemory
  • stats/memory/system_memory_usage_ratio
  • stats/memory/usage
  • stats/memory/usage_ratio


  • https/backend_latencies
  • https/backend_request_bytes_count
  • https/backend_request_count
  • https/backend_response_bytes_count
  • https/frontend_tcp_rtt
  • https/internal/backend_latencies
  • https/internal/request_bytes_count
  • https/internal/request_count
  • https/internal/response_bytes_count
  • https/internal/total_latencies
  • https/request_bytes_count


  • nfs/server/average_read_latency
  • nfs/server/average_write_latency
  • nfs/server/free_bytes


  • OCI Cost Daily - This report tracks the oracle cloud account daily cost for current month and last month. The dimensions include: cloud account, product category and region.

  • OCI Cost Monthly - This report tracks the oracle cloud account monthly cost for last 12 months. The dimensions include: cloud account, product category, region and tags.

  • OCI Consolidated Charge Report - A paginated report which provides the consolidated cost for last 3 months at resource level.

  • AWS Linked Account Cost Report - The executive level can view this report for the spent pattern over quarters, months and so on. It is consolidated view of all cloud services for AWS linked accounts.

  • Workspace Analytics - This report tracks the workspace resources related activities, such as cost growth and usage growth. It also provides a view around workspace mode.

  • All the reports now includes white labelled logo.

  • Added below fields to EC2 instance page.
    -- Instance growth
    -- Top 10 instance types
    -- Server instance cost growth
    -- Top 10 Instances based on CPU Consumption
    -- Tag & Resource name

  • In GCP monthly report, the folder id is stored in the resource wise billing daily and monthly collections and is displayed in the GCP monthly cost reports.

White Labeling

  • White-labeled notification emails. Organization name received as input is used in place of Corestack in the email content.

Bug Fixes

  • User sessions log out frequently for the Mac users using the Edge browser.
  • Access Token is not generated in API production Wrapper.
  • Error occurs in policy execution when concurrent compliance standards are executed.
  • CoreStack recommended guardrails do not execute post account onboarding.
  • CoreStack portal do not load in latest Chrome browser.
  • Operational alerts and activity notifications emails are delayed.
  • Cost Posture AWS Organization view shows "No Records Found" instead of listing the linked accounts.
  • Terraform template execution is completed but the status is not updated in CoreStack.