Access Posture

The Access Governance Posture provides you visibility on any access related violations to standards and best practices. While managing multiple cloud accounts across clouds, it is critical to have visibility on such non-compliant access and restrict them in time.

The summary section provides the consolidated counts across all accounts and the grid provides account wise details. Violations summary is provided in 2 aspects:

  • Violations to Standards
  • Violations related to Utilization of access

The Grid view shows the following fields:

  • Cloud Account Name
  • Tenant
  • Guardrail (The standard or best practice policy that is checked for)
  • Category
  • Severity
  • No. of Impacted resources

You can select the View (Eye icon) option in the grid against a specific cloud account + Guardrail combination to view the actual list of resources that are in violation. You will be redirected to another tab where you can see:

  • Cloud Account Name
  • Tenant
  • Specific fields that help identify the resource in violation