Optimize Usage - Orphaned


The Manage Orphaned feature allows users to run policies that detect Orphaned resources and receive recommendations for how to address them.

To access this section of the Optimize Usage page, navigate to Cost > Cost Optimizer > Optimize Usage then click on the Manage Orphaned tab.

Manage Orphaned

  1. Click Manage Orphaned.

The Managed Orphaned section deals with orphaned resources -- or resources that aren't attached to any other resources, and therefore aren't being used for anything even though they are active.

For example, an IP address onboarded and not attached to any resource can be considered an orphaned resource. It can be deleted, which will thereby optimize the cost.

On the man dashboard view, you can see a table list of your cloud accounts that contain resources in an orphaned state.



  • Click the Edit column icon and select the required columns that will be displayed on the screen.
  • Click the Download icon to download the details listed on the screen in CSV format.
  • In the Search by Resource Id or Name box, type the resource ID or resource name to search for a particular resource and press the Enter key or click the search icon.

Clicking the Action icon opens up a new view that shows you each resource, along with their state and impact level.

Clicking again on the Action icon will open a similar view as shown previously, which provides an overview of an orphaned resource, other metrics to review, and actions to take to address it.