Release Notes 3.5

Release Date: 19 January, 2022


Cost Optimization

  • In Cost > Cost Optimizer > Optimize Usage, usage-based recommendations are now categorized under below sections:
    -- Right Sizing
    -- Optimize Configuration
    -- Manage Idle
    -- Manage Orphaned

  • In Cost > Cost Optimizer > Optimize Rate, added new cost optimization policies for multiple resource types. Newly supported policies provides better cost optimization recommendations. The rate-based recommendations are categorized under below sections:
    -- Long Term Savings > Reservations.
    -- License Benefits. This includes a list of recommendations based on the license plans offered by various cloud service providers. By applying these recommendations, you will be able to reduce the cloud spend and perform better in the FinOps maturity assessment. 


  • In Triggered Alert summary, for failed event, under Event Type, added Stop Instance event. When budget thresholds are crossed, you can configure the budget settings instances that can automatically stop or terminated by the system. For a system failure, to stop the configured instance, only a failure event is logged in the budget alerts. With this new feature, you can trigger the stop instance event from the budget alert. This reduces the hassle of getting into cloud-native portals.

  • Added Scope in Budget Management dashboard. The budget scope is defined for the resources that are part of AWS, Azure, and GCP cloud providers. The user can select a remediation action when the budget threshold is reached.



  • Added CIS Oracle Standard assessment support.

Security Posture

  • Improved policy support. Added 13 new policies across 11 resource types to the existing list of security policies.


  • Added Oracle cloud support to Resource Posture.
  • Added support for Relic Monitoring Tool integration - AWS EC2 Monitoring CWAgent SQL Server.


  • Added Multi-tenant AWS Consolidated charges. This report includes AWS consolidated charges at the multi-tenant level.
  • Added Muti-Cloud Cost Executive Summary. The report includes multi-cloud cost spend analysis by different dimensions, trend analysis, month-month comparison, and so on.
  • Added Cost Recommendation. The report provides summary of cloud and resource type cost optimization recommendations.
  • Added FinOps Assessment Report - Executive Summary. The report includes the FinOps maturity level at tenant and cloud accounts level details, and is useful for executives.
  • Added FinOps Assessment Report - Detailed. The report provides details to improve the FinOps maturity score and all possible cost optimization techniques useful for cloud engineering team.
  • Added AWS ECS Analytics with cost comparison analytics for ECS Fargate based clusters. Cost comparisons are available at the tenant and cloud account levels.
  • Enhanced Azure and AWS Security and Vulnerability Report with Tags. The new report is enriched with the tag data.
  • Added GCP Vulnerabilities to provide metrics on open and active vulnerabilities.
  • Added GCP Inventory by Tag to perform resource inventory analysis by tag-level grouping.
  • Enhanced OCI All Resource Inventory. The inventory report provides data for AWS, Azure, GCP and now extended to support Oracle Cloud.

Portal Enhancement

  • User-session validation is improved with additional IP address policy checks.