Optimize Actions


The Optimization Actions screen is used to track actions performed by users on recommendations. This helps users to understand what actions they had taken in past on various recommendations.

The actions taken on recommendations that are listed on the Optimization Actions screen are:

  • Remediated
  • Rejected
  • Reactivated

Optimization Actions dashboard

Users can use any of the following filters to view required details on the Optimization Actions screen:

  • In the Cloud Provider list, click to select the required cloud provider and then click Apply. Multiple options can be selected here.
  • In the Currency list, click to select the required currency. Multiple options can be selected here.
  • In the Period list, click to select the days for which the user needs to view the details on the Optimization Actions screen.
  • In the Action Type list, click to select the type of action. For example, Reactivated, Rejected, etc. Multiple options can be selected here.
  • In the Activity By list, click to select one option among All, User, and System and then click Apply. If a user has performed an activity, then the details for that user can be seen on the Optimization Actions screen.
  • In the Type list, click to select the optimization type and then click Apply.



  • Click the Edit column icon and select the required columns that will be displayed on the screen.
  • Click Download icon to download the details listed on the screen in CSV format.
  • In the Search by Resource Id or Name box, type the resource ID or resource name to search for a particular resource and press the Enter key or click the search icon.

Viewing recommendation details

To view detailed recommendation details, users can click the eye icon corresponding to a resource.

Activate a Rejected Recommendation

You can also activate a rejected recommendation from the Optimization Actions screen.

  1. In Cost > Cost Optimizer > Optimization Actions, under the Action column, click the eye icon for a resource with Action Type as Rejected.

The rejected recommendation details appear.

  1. Click Re-Activate to again activate the recommendation.
  2. Select a reason type. You can select "Rejected by mistake" or "Other Reason".
  1. In the Message box, type a reason.
  2. Click Save & Apply. The recommendation is moved back into the cost optimization listing and this event is captured in the Optimization Actions screen with the Action Type as Reactivated.

You can note two entries for a re-activated resource on the Optimization Actions screen.

One entry corresponds to the rejected recommendation (this appears when the first Reject action was taken on it from the Cost Optimizer > Optimize Usage screen).

After that, when that same rejected recommendation is re-activated from the Optimization Actions screen, it shows up as another entry with the status Reactivated.

Now, when you click the eye icon to view that particular resource for Action Type -- Reactivated and Rejected, you will see the message “Actions not available as recommendation was successfully reactivated.”

The same message shows for both entries since the recommendation was eventually activated.