Release Notes 3.9.1

This release includes new features, enhancements, and fixes as part of 3.9.1 version.

CoreStack FinOps

Cost Visibility

  • A Global currency (USD) with custom exchange rates can be configured in CoreStack platform. These configured custom exchange rate can be used to calculate and aggregate cost spend across cloud accounts with different billing currencies.
    • USD is supported as a global currency.
    • A new Azure Cost Monthly - Global currency report is added to visualize Cost Spend across multiple currencies in a single Global Currency (USD).
  • Added currency support for Korean Won and Chinese Yuan.

Cost Optimization

  • Added workflow to support reactivating a resource for future cost recommendations (only when the resource is already rejected from future cost recommendations).

  • Added ServiceNow integration under Cost recommendation remediation workflow. This integration will help create a change request in service now account when recommendation is submitted for approval. Once approved, automatic trigger will initiate the remediation action.
    In Cost Optimizer > Top Recommendations > Actions > Submit for approval, you can create change request in service now.

  • Resource Name is available as part of right sizing recommendations. Cost Governance > Cost Optimizer > Optimize Usage > Right Sizing Recommendations.

  • In Cost Governance > Cost Optimizer > Optimize Usage > Right Sizing Recommendations, cost savings is based on the EA Rate card wherever applicable and calculation will fall-back to pay-as-you-go pricing model for other cases.

  • In Cost Optimizer > Optimize Rate > Long Term Savings > Recommended Reservations, recommendations listing now includes entries and filters for varying term lengths and payment options:

    • 1 year and 3 Years term length options.
    • Full upfront, Partial upfront and no upfront payment options.
  • AWS Cost Optimization policies:

    • Added policies to optimize AWS EMR
    • Added policies to optimize AWS Route 53
    • Added policies to optimize AWS Nat Gateway
    • Added policies to optimize AWS Dedicated Host
    • Added more policies to optimize AWS EFS
  • Azure Cost Optimization policies:

    • Added policies to optimize Azure Cache for Redis
    • Added policies to optimize Azure SQL Database
    • Added policies to optimize Azure SQL Managed Instance
    • Added policies to optimize Azure Synapse Analytics
    • Added policies to optimize Azure Logic Apps

Cost Governance

  • GCP Cost Governance policies:
    • New governance policies leveraging GCP Tags


  • In Reports > Cost Reports > AWS Consolidated Charges > View, added option to filter EC2 Instance (Compute Instance) data.
  • Added abilities to generate inventory cost report based on monthly/weekly/daily variance.
  • A new screen is added under Account > View Settings > Assessment Validation > Cost to understand mandatory or optional permissions required and configured for successfully completing Finops Assessment.

CoreStack SecOps​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Policy Updates

  • Added default values for all Azure and AWS security policies as applicable.

CoreStack Policy Engine

  • Added policies equivalent to 30 GCP Premium Policies (paid policies). You can secure workload without incurring any cost to execute these policies.


  • Added Azure Secure Score and Recommendations Report.

CoreStack CloudOps​​​​​​​

Policy Data Availability

  • Added data availability for below services to enhance performance:
    • Azure Nat Gateway
    • AWS Nat Gateway
    • Azure Cache for Redis
    • AWS Route 53
    • Azure SQL MI
    • Azure Logic App
    • Azure Event Hub
    • Azure Synapse Analytics


  • Added cloud assessment report that provides details about cloud activity, patch status, guardrail best practice recommendation, and compliance control status.
  • In My Schedules window, added Cloud Account and Tenant option.

CoreStack Core

  • Added Global Tenant Filter to filter the visible data available on certain page views by selecting specific tenants. Added Uni-Select and Select All page types.
  • Added alert notification to notify customers about their Azure account expiry.