Release Notes 4.2 (2307)

Released February 16, 2024

CoreStack FinOps

Resource Group Level (Azure)

  • Enabled the tracking of cost at the resource group level for the Multi Cloud Cost Trend Report.

CoreStack SecOps

SecOps Threats Details Page

  • Added an option to view and download the JSON file from the Threats Details page.


  • The new CIS AWS 2.0 standard is now available.

CoreStack CloudOps

Tag Filter for Inventory Reports

  • Added tag filter for All Resource Inventory Details Report and Azure Patch Report that should help in selecting specific managed/unmanaged inventory resources based on the defined tags.

CoreStack Assessments

Updated AWS Well Architected Framework Version

  • The platform now offers the latest version (October 2023) of the AWS Well Architected Framework in the Assessments Marketplace.

CoreStack Core

Auth0 Authentication

  • The Auth0 authentication method is available in the following environments:
    • UAE
    • US Prod
    • Several partner-specific environments

Bugs Fixed

The following bugs have been fixed in this release:

  • The issue with the cloud spend graph for FinOps Assessment has been resolved.
  • The missing "Hostname" column for EC2 Analytics report has been fixed.
  • The current reservation that was not showing up in some corner cases has been fixed.
  • An error related to exceeding limit was observed in the Azure Monthly Report, and it was optimized.
  • Policy Engine: multiple fixes have been applied, including retrying configuration on errors and handling unsupported region errors.
  • Right-sizing recommendations were not displayed in certain cases, but this has been corrected.
  • While trying to look for policies in the schedules by name, there was a problem with the search feature, but it is now resolved.
  • The issue with Access Posture for AWS where recently created users were not getting listed in the Standards has been fixed.
  • Issue with AWS Audit RDS Reserved DB Instance Expiration In 7 Days policy has been fixed.

External APIs

Known Issues

No API issues were identified in this release.