Optimize Usage - Schedule Recommendations


The Schedule Recommendations feature is used to provide recommendations for resources to start or stop operations on VMs. This is based on consistent patterns of no usage to help reduce the cost incurred.

To access this section of the Optimize Usage page, navigate to Cost > Cost Optimizer > Optimize Usage then click on the Schedule Recommendations tab (this is also the default view when navigating to this page).

Schedule Recommendations

The Schedule Recommendations tab focuses on the times throughout the day when your resources are over or under utilized, and makes recommendations for how to run them on that schedule in a way that optimizes cost savings.

Follow the below steps to view the recommendation details for resources:

  1. Click Cost > Cost Optimizer > Optimize Usage.

  2. Click the Schedule Recommendations tab.

  1. In the Cloud Provider list, click to select the required cloud providers and then click Apply, and in the Currency list, click to select a currency.

    The Optimize Usage screen shows the cloud account type, account name, impacted resource count, potential savings, tenant name, and the action icon.

  2. For a particular cloud account, under the Actions column, click the eye icon.

All the related resource details are shown.

  1. To take action on a particular resource, click the corresponding eye icon.

The Recommendation Details screen displays details about open recommendation, utilization metrics, utilization definition, etc. The Open Recommendations section shows resource ID, resource name, resource type, day, from, to, recommendation summary, potential savings (monthly), schedule finding, schedule status, and statistical method.

The following four tabs are shown below the Open Recommendations section:

  • Overview
  • Utilization Metrics
  • Utilization Definition
  • Actions

The Overview tab shows Resource Utilization Levels, Resource Utilization Summary, and Resource Details.

The Utilization Metrics tab shows the utilization trend for the resource. Specifically, it shows the Network Out, Percentage CPU, etc.

The Utilization Definition tab shows the definitions of utilization metrics along with the limits or values.

The Actions tab allows the user to take an action on the recommendation. Users can remediate, postpone, or reject a recommendation.

Users can perform the following steps to take an action for a recommendation.

In the Actions tab, click to select one of the following options:

  • Remediate Now: When a user selects this option, a message about remediation is sent to the user between a particular time and on a particular day. The user must fill the following details to take this action:
    1. In the From Time and To Time boxes, click the up or down arrows to set the from time and to time between which message will be sent to the user about resource remediation.
    2. In the Weekly day list, click to select the day when the message will be sent.
    3. In the Email Address box, type an email address for the desired user.
    4. In the Message text box, type a message for the desired user.
    5. Click Apply.
  • Postpone: Select this option to postpone the time at which recommendations will be given for a resource. Perform the following steps to postpone recommendations for a resource:
    1. Click to select either the Snooze by or Postpone by option.
    2. In the box at the right of the above options, type the appropriate values (hours or days).
    3. In the Email Address box, type an email address for the desired user.
    4. In the Message text box, type a message for the user.
  • Reject: Select this option to reject a recommendation. Perform the following steps to reject a recommendation:
    1. Click to select your preferred reason for rejecting a recommendation.
    2. Click Apply.