Multiple Template Selection for Tenant


Whenever you onboard a cloud account in CoreStack, the default template within CoreStack will be enabled.

This default template includes default metrics set by CoreStack for tracking activities (e.g. threshold alerts, utilization alerts, etc.) on your cloud account. The default template (based on the cloud provider) is applied automatically.

After onboarding, you can add another template and set it as the default. By cloning the existing default template, you can add a tag constraint in order to make it the new default.

Selecting multiple templates

You can select and enable multiple templates as well.

The selected templates should have tag constraints applied to them which would enable monitoring of the respective resources tagged across them. In cases where no tag constraints are present, the respective resources will be monitored based on the originally-applied default template.

To view custom templates in CoreStack, navigate to Operations > Monitoring & Alerts.

Once selected, the custom templates should appear here.