Receive the initial automated CoreStack Assessments

Learn about the automated CoreStack Assessments triggered by CoreStack after you first onboard a new cloud account.


Automated CoreStack Assessments involves performing an assessment on a cloud account by auto-triggering the standard framework without having to do much configuration. The report generated through this auto-assessment is then sent to the user via a notification.

When you onboard a new cloud account with all the prerequisites configured for CoreStack Assessments, CoreStack performs discovery actions on the resource inventory of that cloud account. After the inventory discovery is completed, CoreStack sends a confirmation email to the user, then triggers an assessment to run automatically. You can run additional assessments after this initial automated one completes.

In this user guide, we'll describe how this automated first assessment works and what you can do afterwards to get the most out of it.

How the automated assessment works

As part of the initial CoreStack Assessments, CoreStack creates a default workload for you which consists of the entire cloud account onboarded.

A default framework to run the assessment against is selected based on the relevant cloud provider:

Afterwards, the CoreStack platform will run an assessment and then post a completion notice. The users are also sent notification about the assessment status.

CoreStack will also send a formal assessment report in PDF format via email showcasing the results to the user. After this, the user can take additional actions like edit the workload used for the assessment, re-run the scan, etc. But this will provide a starting point for users without requiring them to initiate the first assessment action.

As another reminder, this is the first step CoreStack takes for any new cloud account onboarded and is configured properly for CoreStack Assessments.

Auto-Assessment Completion

As part of the auto-assessment, the following artifacts are created for the user to view:

  1. A workload is created with the below details:
    • Workload name: Default workload for + .
    • Owner: User who onboarded the account.
    • Tier: DefaultTier.
    • Tags: WorkType (System Generated).
  2. An assessment is created with the following details and runs (the scanning starts):
    • Assessment name: Default assessment for + .
    • Owner: User who onboarded the account.
    • Approver: Same as owner.
  3. After the scanning is complete, the user is sent an email with an assessment report in PDF format.
  4. The user can navigate to the workload anytime and can continue with the assessment as well as edit the workload.