Advanced Setup for Complete Governance

If you are an administrator or a technical user, you can configure continuous governance for your accounts. To configure and perform cloud automations and remediations from CoreStack, you can review the below sections from the User Guide.

  1. Account Administration
    1. Manage Tenants, Roles and Users for your account
  2. Set-up GuardRails
    1. You can set-up policy checks that are preventive or reactive in nature for your cloud accounts
  3. Operations
    1. Set-up Cloud Monitoring Alerts for various resource types and corresponding metrics
    2. Set-up Cloud Activity Notifications for critical actions happening in your accounts
    3. Execute or Schedule Automation Templates
    4. Execute or Schedule Automation Scripts
  4. Cost
    1. Set-up Cost Budgets for your cloud accounts
  5. Resource
    1. Review Consolidated Cloud Inventory across all your cloud accounts
    2. Analyze the monitoring metrics for supported resource types
    3. Perform Provisioning and Management Actions on your Cloud Inventory
    4. Configure Tag Patterns and Validate Tag enforcement for your resources
    5. Configure rules for Resource Locks
  6. Integrations
    1. Manage third party tool Integrations with your account