Azure Threat Management

Configuring Threat Management for Azure

Configuring Threat Management enables users to receive threat information in real time. This way, whenever a threat is detected, users are informed about it through notification emails.

Perform the following steps to configure Threat Management in an Azure account:

  1. Login and select Governance > Account Governance.
  2. Browse to the account for which threat settings need to be made and click VIEW > View Settings.
  3. Select Governance Configuration > SECURITY.
  4. Select to expand the Threat Management section.
  5. Select CONFIGURE.
  6. On the Threat Management Configuration screen, click to select one of the following options and then click NEXT.
    • Check Existing Configuration: Select this option to check if threat management is enabled or not in Azure Security Center for the selected Azure account.
    • Create New: Select this option to enable threat management for the selected account.
  7. If selecting Create New, then fill in the following field and click SAVE and then click FINISH.
    • Select Resource Group: Select a resource group.
  8. If selecting Check Existing Configuration, then in the Select Resource Group and Select Action Group lists, select an appropriate option. Finally, click VALIDATE.
    • If the status of Azure Security Center is ENABLED, then click SAVE & FINISH.
    • If the status of Azure Security Center is DISABLED, then click VERIFY ACCESS step (step one) and select the Create New option.