Analytics Reports Save Feature


Users can apply certain filters for a report and then save the selected parameters for future use as a view. This feature is available only for Analytics reports in the platform.

A view can be saved and marked as the default view for a report. When a user wants to apply a saved view for a report, they can just select the view and apply it to the report. All the filter options and selected parameters will be applied to the report automatically based on the selected view.

When a view is marked as the default view, the next time a user opens that particular report, the default view will be selected and applied by default. Users can change the default view or delete an existing view.

The advantage of using views is that users don’t have to set filtering options for a report every time they want to view it. Based on the saved views for a particular report, users can select one and then view the report.

Capture a View

Perform the following steps to add a view for a report:

  1. Navigate to any analytics report to view it. The Filter pane is displayed on the extreme right side of the screen.
  2. Click the arrow to expand the Filters pane.
  3. Select the required options in the fields that appear.
  4. Click Capture View.
  5. In the Create a View dialog box, in the Create New View box, type a name for the view that you’d like to be saved.
  6. Click Save & Close.



Click the Set as Default view option to set that view as the default view for this report. If a view is set as the default view, then every time you open this report, the default view will be shown on the screen.

The saved view will be shown on the report screen.

  1. Repeat steps 4 – 6 to add another view for a report, if you like.
  2. To switch to another view, click the arrow that shows up for the custom views.
  3. On the Report Views screen, select the view you want to see for the report and click Apply & Close. As per the selected view, all the filtering options will be applied to the report.



A green tick/check symbol will be shown next to any view marked as the default view.

  1. To delete a view, select a view and click the three horizontal dots, and then click Delete. A dialog box opens in which you can click OK to confirm the deletion.
  2. To change the default view, in the Report Views screen, select the required view, and then click Mark as Default.