Account Governance

Cloud account governance is a set of rules and policies adopted by companies that run services in the cloud. The goal of cloud account governance is to enhance data security, manage risk, and enable smooth operation of cloud systems.

The account governance includes:

Cloud Account Summary(AWS, Azure, GCP, VMWARE and OCI)
Account Summary

- Master/Payer accounts
- Linked accounts
- Subscriptions
- Enrollments
Master/Payer account information- Account ID
- Linked accounts
- Authorization type
- Access type
- Onboarded by
- Onboarded date
- Status (active/disabled)
- Credential Status
- Actions
  1. Login to your CoreStack account.

  1. Click Governance > Account Governance.

The Account Governance window appears.

  1. For Account Admin and Tenant Admin, the global Tenant view is applicable. The selected Tenant is retained to show across different modules, sections and pages.



When using the Global Tenant Filter to select All or multiple tenants while on the Account Governance page, please be aware that this will disable the Add New button for onboarding a new cloud account.

This is to help ensure that new cloud accounts can only be onboarded into one tenant at a time.