Billing Impact Due to Platform Onboarding

GCP Pricing

Refer to the GCP pricing details explained in the table below.

AreaModuleResources Created Through the PlatformPricingReferences
CloudOpsActivity Configuration- Cloud Pub/Sub-Topic
- Subscription
- Sink Router
Throughput cost: Free up to 10 GB for a billing account and $40 per TB beyond that.

Storage cost: $0.27 per GB per month.

Egress cost: This depends on the egress internet traffic, and costs are consistent with VPC network rates.
For details, refer to:
CloudOpsAlerts Configuration- Notification Channel
- Alert Policies
Alert Policies: Free of charge.
$0.2580/MB: first 150–100,000 MB.
$0.1510/MB: next 100,000–250,000 MB.
$0.0610/MB: >250,000 MB.
SecOpsVulnerabilityNeed to enable GCP Security Command Center (Standard Tier)GCP Security Command Center (Standard Tier): Free of charge.
SecOpsThreat Management (Optional)Need to enable GCP Security Command Center (Premium)GCP Security Command Center (Premium):
If annual cloud spend or commit is less than $15 million, then it's 5% of committed annual cloud spend or actual annual current annualized cloud spend (whichever is higher).
FinOpsBigQuery Billing ExportNeed to enable standard export and create a DatasetStorage cost for dataset: $0.02 per GB (First 10 GB is free per month).
FinOpsScheduled Queries- Daily Scheduled Query
- Monthly Scheduled Query
- On-demand Scheduled Query
$5 per TB (First 1 TB is free per month).
FinOpsTransferred Billing DataStorage Bucket$0.02–$0.023 per GB per month.



These charges are based on the GCP pricing references. Actual cost may vary based on volume and consumption.