Why CoreStack™

Cloud has become an essential part of any organization’s IT strategy. Organizations have choices of multiple public / private cloud platforms, and it has become an industry standard to adopt a hybrid cloud strategy. It is not uncommon today for organizations to use multiple private clouds and multiple public clouds for different teams or use cases.

IT teams also adopt multiple open-source tools for managing their IT operations life cycle such as Configuration Management, Continuous Integration & Deployment, Patch Management, Security, Monitoring of Infrastructure & Services, Managing Logs, Managing Back-ups, Disaster Recovery etc.,

The adoption of such multiple clouds and multiple life cycle management tools presents the challenge to effectively consume them without losing control.

CoreStack™ Multi-Cloud Governance Platform ensures effective consumption, operation and optimization of cloud services through its unique Cloud-as-Code™ approach. The platform delivers predictable outcomes supporting business agility, and compliance to budgets and policies.

Key Differentiators

  • Cloud-as-Code™ Approach
  • Supports native cloud platform’s orchestration templates
  • Unified execution for various configuration management tools
  • Cloud agnostic
  • Data-driven service dictionary for Service Catalog Management
  • Policy-driven orchestration
  • Hosted and On-Premise service models
  • No lock-in