CoreStack allows users to generate reports to get usage or summarization details of their Cloud Resources. Currently the following reports are available to view/ download with CoreStack

Availability Reports

Resource Down Time Report

This report Provides the availability of each resource
Cost Usage Reports

Daily Cost by Cloud Accounts

This report contains daily cost details of the account

Resource Type Usage Cost

This report groups costs incurred in the Account by Resource Type

Region Wise Usage Cost

This report groups costs for the account by Region

RI Utilization

This report Provides Utilisation of reserved Instances

RI Coverage

This report Provides Coverage of reserved Instances

RI Recommendations

This report Provides Recommendations details of reserved Instances
Self Service Reports

Orders By Cloud Accounts

This report lists top used Cloud Account, Used Image & Total Consumed Requests

Order By Users

This report details Active Users and their cloud consumption

Orders Summary

This report details top used Cloud Account, Used Image & Active User
System Reports

Template Execution Summary

This report provides the template execution summary of cloud accounts

Monitoring Alerts

This report provides the triggered threshold alert of metric for all resources.

Activity Log Report

This report provides all the activity that are notified to the user for all resources.
Utilization Report

Resource Utilization

This report provides the utilization of each resource on daily and hourly basis.

CPU Utilization

This report provides the CPU utilization of each Virtual Machine.

Filtering and Downloading a report

Filters and download icon are available for users on the top right-hand corner of the Reports section. Filters are provided based on the report selected which a user can apply to personalize their report overview. Users can download a report in various formats provided such as, JSON, XML, CSV and PDF

Filtering a report

Downloading a report

Report drill-down

Some the Reports have further drilldown to help our users get granular data on their reports. As of CoreStack v2.7.2, only the following reports will have drilldown

  • Cost Usage Reports -> Daily Cost by Cloud Accounts 
  • Self Service Reports -> Orders by Cloud Account

Note that there is further drilldown available for Self Service Reports -> Orders by Cloud Account. Effectively a user can further dive into the reports; Self Service Reports -> Orders by Cloud Account -> Order Detail By User