RedHat Satellite can be added as Integrated tool and governed through CoreStack. A satellite account when integrated with CoreStack can perform below actions:

  • View inventory of hosts managed by the Satellite server
  • Manage hosts within a host group
  • List domains
  • Get host-group details
  • Extend the host management with CoreStack orchestration templates and scripts

Versions supported: Satellite 6.x

Steps to on-board:

Go to Settings (Gear icon at top right) – Select Integrated Tools – Select RedHat_Satellite (under Patch Management) and click on ‘Add Account’.

The on-boarding is done in 2 steps: Authentication and Authorization.

In the Authentication tab, provide the details about the Satellite account to be added such as the Name, Description, Environment, Scope and the access URL, credentials for the server. It is recommended to create a separate user for CoreStack_App and use that here.

Once done, click on “Next” to proceed to Authorisation tab.

In the Authorisation tab, you just have to select the CoreStack Roles that can have access to this account. Once selected, click on FINISH to complete the account addition.

Resource Discovery

When the satellite account is on-boarded, the resources can be discovered by CoreStack.

  • Domain listing under Infrastructure
  • List of Organisations
  • List of Hosts under each Organisation


There are pre-built orchestration templates available in the Template marketplace to perform

  • Adding a host group to the server
  • Delete hosts
  • Disassociate hosts

More orchestration use cases can be enabled by adding new templates powered by CoreStack orchestration engine.