Users with admin access can manage accounts.

Add Account

Navigate to and select Account Master

Account Management page is displayed as below

To create an account, click on icon

Enter the following tenant details:

NameName of the account.
EmailEmail associated with the account
Time ZoneTime zone with the associated account
UsernameSelect an account username
PasswordSelect a password for the account.
Password should be in 8-15 characters with atleast one special character(_$^@*!#&.), starting character to be alphanumeric.
BundleSelect a CoreStack bundle that the account should have access to, along with it’s Billing Period and Susbcriptions plan.

A completed form looks like:

Clicking on ‘Create Tenant’ will set up the tenant. Cancel will cancel all of the entry

Account Info

Review the Account info on the right hand side

Subscription Info

Following subscription information for the account is displayed:

  • CoreStack Edition
  • Status
  • Billing Frequency
  • Subscription Amount
  • Start/ Last Renewal Date
  • Next Renewal Date

Tenants Mapped

This section lists the tenants mapped


This section lists the all the Services associated with the account.


This section lists the all the Modules associated with the account.