You can quickly get started with CoreStack Cloud Governance Platform with these simple steps:

Login with using your Azure Account or Get your account setup with our experts: 

CoreStack™ is available as a SaaS offering which is hosted on the cloud. You can visit us at https://cloud.corestack.ioLogin to CoreStack™ with your Azure admin credentials and you will have “Account Admin” privilegesYou can further proceed with setting up the account. 

If you have any issues with user account setup or approval, we’re here to help

Connect your Cloud Accounts / Tools

The platform provides integration with multiple cloud platforms and tools – these are termed as “Services” within CoreStack™. You require an existing account in the respective clouds and an existing set-up of the tool you would like to connect. Each of this cloud / tool credentials are to be provided to CoreStack™ to be able orchestrate them. These accounts are termed as the “Service Accounts”.

Typically most clouds / tools can be added by providing the URL end point to access the cloud/tool and the account credentials. Please read more on this in the Cloud Accounts and Integrated Tools sections.

Start Orchestrating

CoreStack™ offers multiple mechanisms for Orchestration such as Templates, Scripts & Blueprints. There are FREE resources pre-loaded with your account, which you can start using right away. You can also continue using your existing templates/scripts by uploading them and access useful resources from the public domain. To know more, refer our Automation & Orchestration section.