The Cost Analytics Dashboard provides full visibility of multi-cloud cost to the executives such as CIO, CFO, IT Head. The executive can start by understanding the overall Public Cloud spend at the Organisation level and then start slicing and dicing the data by Depts (Tenants), Cloud (AWS, Azure), Cloud Accounts, Regions / Locations, Cloud Service, Tags (Cost Center, App, Environment, Dept) and then view even up to which resource is costing how much.

This dashboard provides them views by Daily / Monthly / Yearly to get to different level of granularity and details as required. It also helps them get an idea of the Budgeted Vs Projected bill for the month for each cloud account. They can switch to Month view to see the graphical trend view of Daily Cloud Spend or to Year view to see the trend of Monthly Cloud Spend.

Drill Down Structure:

This dashboard is split into these 5 sections:

  1. Total Cost by Currency Used
  2. Total Cost by Tenant
  3. Total cost by Cloud Provider
  4. Costs by Cloud Account Types
    a. Cost Hierarchy
  5.  Cloud Account wise Costs
    a. Account wise usage analytics

Let us discuss the data presented in each of these sections with some examples.

By Currency Used

The first section is to show the Total Organisation / Account level spend on Public Clouds grouped by the currency used for these cloud accounts. All cloud accounts that are paid in a specific currency, across multiple clouds are grouped together and consolidated spend value is displayed here.

Note: The currency is based on the user’s selection during the cloud account onboarding. The default setting is USD. Other currencies supported as of now are Indian Rupee (INR) and Swedish Krona (SEK). Other currencies can be included based on request.

By Tenant

Once we know the overall cost at the Org level, the next immediate question is the spend by each Department, which are configured as Tenants in CoreStack. For MSP customers, each Tenant could be a different customer that they support.

By Cloud Provider

Once you select a specific Tenant to view the details of cloud spend within that Dept / Tenant / customer, the immediate next level is the Cloud Provider such as AWS, Azure. This section provides the total cost broken down at that level.

By Cloud Account Types

Select Total cost tile of a specific cloud provider to view the cost by different types of accounts supported by AWS, Azure. For example, AWS has Org Master (Payer) accounts and Linked Accounts and Azure has multiple type of accounts such as Pay As You Go, Enterprise Agreement (EA) and Cloud Service Provider (CSP).

The payment mode used for each of these types of accounts may be different and hence it is essential to get a view of the spend on each type of these cloud accounts.

Cost Hierarchy

Admin can view the cost hierarchy section which will provide a summary of cloud spend across different account in your organization. This can be viewed only in case of AWS and Azure CSP accounts as they have got multiple account under one master account. Click on the “View Cost Hierarchy” button to see the below view:

You can download the pdf format of this hierarchy using the export option at top right of the pop-up. The sample looks like below:

Cloud Account wise Costs

This section gives the cloud account wise cost summary for the cloud accounts you onboarded. The usage and cost data displayed in this section varies based on the different view options selected at the top right – Day / Month / Year.

Each cloud account has a tile with the following details:

  • Name of the Cloud Account as added into CoreStack
  • · Name of the Azure Subscription or AWS Account ID
  • · Environment related to the Cloud Account (provided while onboarding)
  • · Total Cost till date – based on the selected view Day / Month / Year
  • · Projected Cost – based on the selected view Day / Month / Year
  • · Budget Amount – As set for the account during onboarding for Day / Month / Year
  • · Budget Indicator – Red / Amber / Green based on the current cost compared to the budget

Click on any of the cloud accounts for viewing the detailed usage analytics for that account.

Account wise usage analytics

The Line Chart on the left side will show the following:

  • Day View: Hourly usage cost for the last 24 hours
  •  Month View: Daily usage cost from the 1st of the current month till date
  •  Year View: Monthly usage cost for the last 6 months

The values seen are cumulative costs for the selected cloud account. You can further slice this data by using the filter option available at the top right end of this section.

Filter / Grouping options:

The cost usage analysis data for a cloud account can be filtered / Grouped by below options:

  1. Location
  2. Tags
  3. Linked Account (For AWS)
  4. Resource Groups (For Azure)
  5. Custom Date Range

Sample Chart grouped by Location:

Sample Chart grouped by Tags:

Sample Chart grouped by Linked Accounts: (For AWS accounts)

Sample Chart grouped by Linked Accounts: (For Azure accounts)

On the right side, you can view the cloud service wise cost for the Top 6 services – ordered in descending order of cost. The resource wise cost based on the chosen Location / Tag / Resource Group on the Left side is shown below the service costs, again in descending order of cost. These values again are based on the Day / Month / Year view selected at the top right of the page.

If you would like to view the resources under a specific cloud service (e.g AWS EC2), you can use the filter option just about the services list and select a specific service.

Once you select EC2, you can notice that the resources list is filtered to display only the EC2 resources, again in the descending order of cost.

Quick Snapshots

These are some inferences derived from your cloud usage trend by the Machine Learning engine. This is a pop-up box from the “bulb” icon at the top right of the page.

For example, top consuming region for a specific cloud account, or average decrease in cloud spend in last x months for a cloud account. This snapshot is provided yearly till date.

Refresh Data

The data in the cost analytics dashboard is auto refreshed at certain intervals (about 8 hours). However, if you see the data to be out-dated for more than a day, you can manually trigger a refresh of your cost data. This option will refresh all the accounts within the current Tenant.

To pull the latest cost data for a specific cloud account, you can use the refresh icon available in the cloud account tiles.

Data Retention

When you on-board new cloud accounts, the cost data will be backfilled for last 3 months. Hence even for new accounts, you can view a history of up to last 3 months, subject to availability of data in the cloud account.

The cost data will be retained for a maximum period of 6 months and then will be archived.