Cost Analytics Dashboard

Since cloud follows a pay-per-use approach, it is vital for organizations to ensure cost economic cloud usage. CoreStack understands this and thus offers a dynamic cost analytics dashboard that provides an in-depth view of the cloud costs across tags, locations and resource groups.

This dashboard is split into these four sections:

  1. Account Summary
  2. Service Cost Summary
  3. Account Wise Cost Summary
  4. Account Level Usage Analytics

Account Summary Admin can view the Cost details of each tenant separately based on the selection.


Service Cost Summary

This section displays the total costs incurred due to cloud utilization, of by default, the entire month. It also shows the break of the costs for different clouds – AWS, Azure and more. Click on a cloud to view its cost details.

The costs can be viewed on a day or yearly basis as well.

Quick Snapshots

This is a pop-up box that shows cost notifications. For example, top consuming region for a specific cloud account, or average decrease in cloud spend in last x months for a cloud account. This snapshot is provided yearly till date.

Account Wise Cost Summary

This section showcases the total, projected and budgeted costs for each cloud account tagged with CoreStack.

This helps to easily monitor if cloud costs are overshooting the set budget. Also the projected costs help in increasing/decreasing cloud consumption accordingly.

Account Wise Usage Analytics

This offers an in-depth view of the costs for a specific cloud account in a line graph form. For an Azure account, you can toggle the view as per cloud account location, tags or resource groups.

For an AWS account however only location and Linked Accounts toggle options appear.

In the below image we can view the location cost per day for cloud resources in the AWS US-West-2 location. In the right hand side section, the individual cloud resources and their cost breakup is made available for a detailed view.

If the costs for a specific virtual machine are high, you can downsize the machine right from this section.

The Downsize option gives three different options to select from for greater cost savings. Click Apply to select one.

You can also change the locations of specific VMs to reduce costs.

Select the location from the options list and click Send Mail to confirm location change.