This report is related to the Self-Service Portal and hence is available only for Enterprise Subscriptions.

Who can view this report?

  • Department Heads / Approvers will be able to view a report of the self-service orders created within their tenants and the related cost.
  • CIO / Finance Departments can be provided access to the same report, but will have access to view all Department data. They can also view Department wise summary and then drill down to user / order level as required.


Reports generated can be downloaded as PDF/CSV files for offline views and sharing to others.


Usage Cost Description

The usage cost available in this report is only for internal consumption. It need NOT be the actual cost that is spent on the Public Cloud Bills (as seen in Finance Dashboard). Reasons being:

  1. The cost is based on the self-service catalog created internally while setting up the IT Brokerage Platform. The cost for various resources are defined by the IT Admin and NOT necessarily the same as the Public Cloud cost.
  2. Not all resources available in the Public Cloud need to be made available in the Self-Service Portal. It is only a subset based on the requirements of internal consumers.
  3. Usages done outside of the self-service portal are NOT shown in this report.
  4. The pricing model for Public Clouds while a resource is in “Stopped” state is different for different clouds. This is NOT factored in at this point.
  5. Associated costs of resources such as Data Transfer etc., are NOT included in this report.
  6. The self-service catalog can also include “Private Clouds” which do NOT have a monthly bill.

One of the key values of the internal IT Brokerage platform and this report is to help attach a cost to the Private Cloud usage and track the department wise cost. This drives better utilization of the Private Clouds.


Chargeback Report

Here’s how the Chargeback Reports appear:

Fields Description
Group Name (Dept/Cost Center/Tenant) Department wise report data can be generated if the user has access to multiple departments in the organization. Report data is grouped at the cost center level to be used as the chargeback report
No of Orders Total number of orders sent in by each department
No of Users Total number of users tagged in each department
Total Usage Cost Total cost of usage of cloud resources for each department

Order List

This report list the orders for each department. Click on No of Orders against a particular department to view  this report:

The Order List has the following columns:
Order ID A unique Order ID is assigned to each Self Service request for easy tracking
Cost Center The cost center to which the cloud resource has been tagged
Order Type Orders can pertain to infrastructure (such as VM Provisioning), software licensing, and workloads
Cloud/Tool Account The private/public cloud tool account used
User Name User who had put in the request for the order
Activated On The date and time on which the cloud resource was activated by admin
Duration The duration of usage of the ordered cloud resource
Usage Cost The total cost of the usage of the cloud resource ordered

More details on the order can be obtained by hovering on the Order ID. 

User wise Summary

You can drill down to find the user wise summary for a department by clicking on the user name in the Order List.

This report shows a user wise view of the orders for the selected department.