Budget can be set at account level which can been set while account on-boarding under the CONFIGURATION -> COST section.

User can configure the budget for this specific cloud account in this section. The budget displayed here is taken into account when computing the cost analytics and display accordingly in the Cost Analytics Dashboard. You can specify the Daily, Weekly and Monthly budget here.

User Defined

User can define their own budget and enter it in User Defined Section manually.

Auto Calculated Auto Calculated Cost which is suggested is derived by the system based on the usage trends of the account currently reviewed.

BUDGET is set at account and it can be viewable in COST ANALYSIS dashboard under Account Wise Cost Summary. When User reaches the threshold it will show the Orange colour notification and it reaches or crosses the Budget it will be in Red colour. And if the usage is less than budget it will be in Green colour.

Budget Indicator will be displayed while Placing the order to create any resource through self service workflow.