As a developer, you can view all the resources allocated to you in the My Cloud Resources screen. Click My Cloud Resources in the side menu.

The My Cloud Resources screen appears as shown below: Once the order is approved and provisioned. You can view the provisioned order in My Cloud Resources page. Here’s how the approved and provisioning In-progress resource appears in My Cloud Resources page.

This screen displays all the Resources requested and obtained by the developer, in a grid format. High-level details such as Order name, Unit Cost per hour, Cost till date, Estimated cost, status and expiry details are provided.

Let’s understand the status field in detail.

  • Active – when the Resource has been approved and provisioned by the manager, then the active status appears.
  • Completed – when the Resource has been approved and provisioned by the manager, but due to some technical fault, such as connectivity, does not get processed, the Admin has to manually intervene and set the process right. In such cases of manual intervention and correction, the Completed status is displayed.

Access URLs – Cost Summary

  • Access Details – In this section the Resources IP and login credentials are provided.
  • Cost per hour – Indicates the unit cost of the Resource on a per hour basis
    Activation time – Indicates the date and time of the Resource being first activated after approval from manager
  • Termination time – Indicates the expiration date and time of the Resource
    Total Duration – Shows the total number of hours and total cost of the Resource
  • Usage till now – Shows the number of hours the Resource has been in use and the cost incurred up to that instant

Resource Details

This section shows the Cloud Image and Instance Size selected by the developer while placing the request.

On-Demand Terminate:

Developer can terminate the request on demand by click on the settings icon on provisioned resource and terminate.