Consumption Dashboard

The consumption dashboard showcases the current state of cloud utilization to the consumer. This dashboard is particularly useful as it shows the number of failed and pending provisioning orders, number of active VMs, and those that that are expiring today and in the next 7 days.

You can click on any of these counter numbers for a detailed view.

For example, let’s click on the Pending Order counter number. The Order History page appears wherein the list of Pending Orders is displayed as shown below:

Apart from the counter, there are four other areas that the dashboard sheds light on:

  1. Top Apps
  2. Usage Cost
  3. Total Orders
  4. Order Status Distribution

Top Apps – Those apps that are utilized the most on cloud are listed here.

Usage Cost – This section displays the cloud usage costs incurred on a per month basis, in dollars.

Total Orders – The total number of orders requested and those approved are plotted in an area graph on a month-on-month basis.

Order Status Distribution – This doughnut chart displays the distribution of order statuses – provisioned, pending and failed, till date.