Policies option in Left navigation menu allows user to land in Policies- Marketplace

Policies is a service allows user to create, assign, and manage policies.  These policies enforce different rules and effects over your resources, so those resources stay compliant with your corporate standards and service level agreements.

Search and Filter


Enter a few keywords in the search box, enter and results will be displayed for valid search criteria.


User can further filter policies by

  • Services
  • Classification
  • All Policies
  • Date Filter

Policy Listing

On the Policies page. There are four tabs :

  • Marketplace Policies: These policies are available across all tenants and are usually created by the Product administrator. In our hosted version, it is managed by CoreStack. In On-premise installations, it will be managed by the overall administrator. (Cannot be managed at Tenant level)
  • My Policies: These policies are created within the tenant and are listed only for the specific tenant members.
  • Job History: This page provides a list of all the policies executed with the details and status
  • Schedules: This page lists out policies that have been schedule. For more details on scheduling, refer to Schedules (this links to schedule page in user guide page)

Create Policy

To create a new policy:

  • Go to My Policies and click on icon
  • In the Create Policy dialog box, fill in the following details:
Name Enter the name of the policy such as Idle VMs, etc.
Description Give a brief description
Services Select a service
Classification Select the type of policy classification
Scope Select the scope as tenant
Compliance Type Enter description of the compliance type
File Click Browse and upload the policy file in txt format

Policy Details

  • Click on a policy to learn its details. The Policy Details screen appears as shown:

Policy Execution

The policy actions are available when user hovers on the actions button:

  • View Schedules
  • View Executions
  • Execute
  • Schedule

Executing a policy

To execute a policy click on the play icon as shown below:

A pop-up appears as shown below. Select the Service Account and click on Run Now.

User can similarly use the other action buttons to Schedule and View Executions & Schedules