CoreStack has support for a growing list of Industry specific Regulatory Compliance standards and Industry benchmark standards necessary for modern corporations in various sectors. CoreStack is committed in bringing industry leading technology in cloud governance with the easy of use unrivaled in today’s complicated tech landscape.

Each Compliance standard contains various controls or rules which represents guideline to be implemented by the Organization for the resources to comply with.

The tabs at the top represent the scope of the standards. There are 2 tabs – Marketplace and My Standards.

Sample Compliance Standards Page


CoreStack provides a wide range of Pre-defined standards which can help in achieving Compliance and Security standards. These are Pre-loaded for all subscriptions and can be executed on-demand or scheduled.

These standards are available across all tenants and are created by the Product Administrator. It is managed by CoreStack. In on-premise installations, it will be managed by the on-site administrator.

My Standards

These standards can be created by end users. These standards would be visible only for users within the tenant. You can add more standards or edit/delete existing standards in this tab based on your role and access policies.

Search and Filter Standards

CoreStack offers search and filter functions to help quickly look for the standards you need. The Search bar is available just above the standards list and works based on the Name mapped to it. To Filter Standards, you can click on the Filter icon placed to the right end above the standards list. Filter by service and scope is available.

Create My Standards

CoreStack also provides the option for users to create there own standards and can create there own control, which help them to assess their standards.

To create a new standards, click on the create new button at top right corner.

On clicking on the create new button, My standards popup will be shown with required inputs.

The table below describes the property fields:

Field Description
Name Name of the standard – any preferred name for identification
Description Detailed description about standard – free format text
Services  Cloud Service that is supported by the standard (AWS, Azure)
Scope Scope of Standard
Logo Logo for your standard
Upload Upload the JSON file, which has the control attributes defined in it.
Sample JSON is also available for reference

To finish creating the standards, click on the “create” button.

Created standard can be found in My Standards Tab.

You can also able to update and delete the standards in my standards Tab.If any control attribute needs to be added or deleted after the controls are loaded, then controls should be deleted along with created standard before a new control attribute is added.

Manual type controls – update

The controls which are not automatable are classified as manual type Controls. CoreStack allows the end users to manually update the status of manual type controls. By clicking the Action button for the manual type controls, would display the following screen.

The users needs to update the Remarks field and updated date and then click Resolve to mark it as success or click Mark violations to mark it as violations.