Compliance controls are individual rules which are inforced by the organization. Each control can be created as required by individual auditing specification and needs. Corestack by default provides few essential contols for each standard, these are essential controls which are required for any organization looking into getting a certification for the standard. Any additional controls can be created as need for a required scenari

Create compliance control

To create a compliance control the corestack user must have suitable role such as account_admin or ops_admin, the “New control objective” tab available in upper right side of the “compliance objectives” page.

To create the compliance control click the “New control objective” tab .

Fill in the required parameter in the fields. And press the “save control” button.

The new control is created by this action. If the control created is automated type, suitable policies can be mapped to the controls from corestack polices. The New tenant created is only available in the tenant level, any custom policy created for the control should be available to the current tenant.

Edit control

To edit a control by the user can select the control press the “more details button” in the preview tab press the menu button “:`” . Press the “edit control” option from the menu.

Controls created by the user can be edited and changed as needed. After making the suitable changes the changes are updated by clicking the “save control” button.

Delete control Control

To Delete a control created by the user. select the control and Navigate to the preview side bar from the menu select delete control.

A pop up will appear asking you to confirm if you want to proceed to delete the control. Click “OK” to proceed.