Schedules are created to execute Templates or Scripts repeatedly in a defined frequency. Please refer the Template and Script sections to read more about creating a scheduled execution.

Select Schedules in the side menu to view all available schedules in the current tenant.



The list of upcoming schedules appears as shown below:

Selecting a specific schedule (highlighted in blue) will show the schedule details on the right panel.
Switch to the “Calendar” view to see the list of schedules each day.

Tip:Customize your calendar view to Week or Day view by selecting the option at the top. You can also jump to a specific month.



To update a schedule:

  • Select a schedule from the list
  • Click the Update icon present at the right corner of the screen

  • The Schedule details appear in a pop-up tab, from where they can be edited

  • Click Update to save


  • Click the Delete icon present at the right corner of the screen

  • A dialog box appears as shown below. Click OK to delete the schedule