CoreStack Features supported by Cloud

CoreStack has its unique way of governing the Cloud Platforms by categorizing its services into different functions. Below are the CoreStack functions,

  1. Cloud Orchestration – Ability to interact with Cloud platforms and its services by onboarding them into CoreStack
  2. Resource Discovery – Automated discovery of resources created under different services in Cloud Platforms and allowing actions such as run, start, stop, delete, view metrics to be performed on these resources
  3. Self Service – Allowing the people in an IT organization to provision & manage resources using approval-request workflow
  4. Cost Optimization – One key aspect of CoreStack is to optimize the cloud spends efficiently and wisely
  5. Compliance to Industry Standards – Adhering to the compliance standards set by the Cloud Platforms or by security organizations
  6. Policy Violations & Remediations – Apply Enterprise or Cloud standard policies, identify violations and provide options to remediate them
  7. Cloud Activity Tracking & Analytics – Activities performed in Cloud Platform either through CoreStack or directly through Cloud Platform are tracked and various useful analytics are provided
  8. Monitoring Alerts & Auto Remediation – Configure monitoring on resources, set alerts based on standards or use case and automatically remediate the alerts

Below is the list of CoreStack functions supported in Cloud Accounts getting onboarded to CoreStack,

Note: Private Clouds are supported only with On Premises deployments. They are NOT available as part of the SaaS offering.