CoreStack currently supports creation of Azure subscriptions only for Azure CSP_Direct accounts. You should have access to the Microsoft Partner Center and must be Tier-1 CSP. There are certain pre-requisites.


You must have access to Partner Center with following Privileges:

  • Billing admin – To view rates, usage and invoice details
  • Sales Agent – To create and manage customers and their subscriptions

How to?

Navigate to Cloud Accounts Azure New Account Create New

Provide CoreStack Account Name and Select Parent  CSP Account

Step 1 – Create Customer Account

This is the client or customer name for the CSP under which the Azure subscription is to be created. The first step is to create the customer account itself.

Provide customer details such as Company Name, Domain, Address, Agreement

Once the customer account is created successfully, the next step would be to create an user within that account.

Step 2 – Create User

Provide customer user details

Once the above step is completed, the customer account will be active. You will receive the account details by email.

The following steps are performed in the background:

  • A new customer under your CSP account is created
  • Azure plan subscription is created under the new customer
  • A new customer user (with member privilege) is created
  • On successful account creation, the account details will be emailed to the account owner

Next Steps

Once the Azure subscription details are received, you will need to prepare the account before it is ready to on-board into CoreStack. This is same as the prerequisites for any Azure subscription.

The partner center admin/customer admin has to create an App and provide necessary API permissions for CoreStack Onboarding (Refer here for the steps).

After completing the Pre-requisite steps, Click onboard to proceed

Provide Tenant ID, App ID and Secret Key.

Select the subscription type as “Azure CSP Direct”. Click “List Parent Accounts” and select the CSP account.

Follow regular onboarding steps as provided in the Azure on-boarding section.


To know how to onboard your Azure Account? Goto Azure Account Onboarding
To know how to onboard your Azure CSP Direct Account? Goto Azure CSP Direct Account Onboarding