Why is it required?

Apart from on-boarding existing cloud accounts into CoreStack, you can also create new child accounts or subscriptions right from here. This is useful in some cases. This section explains how to do that.

Why to create accounts through CoreStack?

There are certain pre-requisites that must be done in your AWS or Azure accounts, before they can be on-boarded successfully into CoreStack. These include creation of API access keys, providing the right permissions etc. Instead of doing these steps manually, if you create the account from CoreStack, most of these steps are automated.

Advantages of creating accounts through CoreStack

  • Manage cloud accounts as well from a single place
  • Access to Org Master / Partner administration need not be shared. They can do it from CoreStack instead
  • Takes away the manual steps to be done in the cloud portals
  • Access Permissions required for CoreStack are assigned automatically during account creation. Reduces manual effort and avoids access related issues

Supported Account Type

CoreStack supports creation of accounts for the following types

  • Create Linked Accounts from an AWS Organization Account
  • Create Customer Accounts (and Azure Subscription) from Azure CSP Direct Account