My Profile allows user to view and edit their personal account. To get to My Profile, user navigates to their profile drop down and click on gear icon, available next to their login details.

Edit account information

When user clicks on Edit, they are able to add or change the following fields

Edit First Name
Last Name
Phone Number
Time Zone

While still being in Edit mode, user can view the following account information

Username Users user id that was set up during account creation
Email Users email id that was setup during account creation
Last Login This outlines when did the user last logged into CoreStack
Status This field indicates if the user is Active (or Inactive)
Access Keys This field lists the API keys associated with account(s) onboarded
Valid Till This field indicates the period for which the access keys would be valid

Change Password

With Change Password option, user can update their profile password.

Change Timezone

With Change Timezone option, user can update the timezone the account should be associated with.