The Audit Log can be accessed from the tool panel appearing in the top-right section.
  •  Click on icon
  • Select Audit Log from the drop down:

  • The User Audit Log screen appears as shown below 

Here, the list of all the actions perfumed by each user is present. The list consists of five columns:

Field Description
Function There are 21 different functions that a user performs, ranging from Request, Inventory, Templates to Services and User Login.


There are two action types performed by users – Create and Update.
User List of users
Date Date of the action performed
IP Address The IP address of the user’s system
  • To view the details of a specific log, click on the row .

The details appear on the right hand side as shown:

Filter Options

You can filter the User Audit Log using the tools at the top-section of the page:

  • User – A comprehensive list of users is available to filter
  • Function – There are 21 functions on the basis of which the log can be filtered
  • Option to select between Today, Last Week and Last Month frequency