Order Resources

This section is for the developers to refer to while ordering resources using the Self Service Portal. If you are a Manager, then please refer to the Manage Resources section to learn how to approve/modify/reject orders for resources.

App Catalog


Upon login, the Dashboard appears, where you can view the status of the orders already placed by you.  We will discuss it in the later sections.

Click App Catalog in the side menu to navigate to the list of apps from where you can select cloud resources. The App Catalog screen appears as shown:

 Search and Filter

Use the search and filter features, to add the necessary App, OS or Workload to the cart. The Catalog contents can be filtered by Base OS, Database, Languages, Application, Web Server and Workloads.  

CoreStack’s intelligent catalog tagging ensures that the portal automatically filters the Apps on the basis of the OS selected. For example, if the developer selects Windows OS, then the catalog intelligently filters and displays only those tools and applications that run on Windows.



VM Order Configuration


  • Select the OS and the Application from the list by hovering over the “Free” button and clicking the Add to Cart button.

  • The item gets added to the Cart, as shown:

Managing Cart Items

  1. To remove an item from the cart, click the  button
  2. To empty the entire cart, click the Clear Cart button


  • Once the VM has been set up with the necessary Apps and OS, it is time to configure the order. Click Configure Order to proceed

  • The Configure Order screen appears as shown below:

  • Configure the VM with the Cloud, OS and Instance Size
    • Select the Cloud Service Provider for your VM
    • Select the OS Version from the list
    • Select the CPU RAM and Local Storage Space as required for VM

Observe the Order Summary to view the options selected.


In case of errors, the order can be cancelled at this instant and developer can recreate the VM setup.

  • Click Proceed
  • Enter the Order Details as shown:

Enter the following details:

Order Name Enter a name for the VM order
Terminating time Select the terminating date and time from the Calendar and Time drop-down
Remarks to Approver Record any remarks or comments for the approver to see
Any Additional Requirements Make note of any other requirements for the VM
Cost Center Enter the cost center to be associated with the VM
  • Click the checkbox against Accept Terms. Click on Terms for the full Terms and Conditions content.
  • Click Place Order
VM Order Modification

In case any changes need to be made to the order, before approval by the Manager, the Modify feature can be used.

Navigate to Order History > Order > Order Information > Modify

Let’s take an instance where the Termination time has to be extended by a day. Navigate to the order and click Modify.

  • In the Configure Order page, click Proceed
  • Then change the Termination time as required
  • Click Modify Order

The order has been successfully modified.

 Workload Order Configuration

Workload are a set of applications and number of users that run on cloud infrastructure. As a user, you can order Workflows using the Self Service Catalog.

View Workloads

Click App Catalog to view the list of Apps/OS/Workloads. The screen appears as shown below:

Select a workflow to view more details about it. Details available are:

  • Workload Overview – Short description of the Workload
  • Workload Description – Shows information such as OS version and Platform supported
  • Cost – Usage cost in USD per hour/week/month


Ordering a Workload

Follow the given steps to order a workload

  • To order, select a workflow from the list.
  • The selected workflow appears in the Cart Summary section available in the right side of the screen, as shown

Configure Order

The Configure Order screen appears, here enter the following details to configure your workload:

Service Account Cloud Account to be associated with the Workload
Tenants Appears based on the cloud account selected
Create Instance
Instance Name
Image Private images available in specific cloud accounts or public images available in cloud marketplace.
Instance Type Predefined configurations available from the respective clouds
Security Group Name
Keypair Name
Private Network ID
Public Network ID

The screen appears as shown:

  • Once the details are entered the Order Summary displays the Cost per hr and the Cost till Expiry
  • The Resources Summary section displays the following details:
    • App
    • Cloud/Tools
    • Termination Time
    • Total Duration
  • Click Proceed to configure the order

Continue configuring the order in the next screen that appear as shown:

  • . Enter / Select the following details:
    • Order Name
    • Termination Time
    • Remarks to Approver
    • Approver
    • Cost Centers
  • Accept Terms & Conditions by ticking the checkbox
  • Click Place Order

Your workflow order has been placed. You can view it in the Order History Screen.