Developer Dashboard

As a developer, you can quickly view the status of your orders and existing VMs using the Dashboard.

This is the first screen that appears after you log in. Also, you can click the dashboard icon available in the top right corner of the screen to visit.

Here’s how the dashboard appears:

The dashboard is split into five sections:

Section 1: Quick Numbers

This section shows at a glance the number of :

  • failed orders
  • pending orders
  • active VMs
  • VMs expiring today
  • VMs expiring this week

You can dive deeper and view in-depth details by clicking on each number. That redirects you to the respective pages from where you can take the necessary actions with ease.

Section 2: Top Apps

This section shows a bar diagram representing which App has been ordered the most.

Section 3: Usage Cost

Every developer has to contribute towards optimization of cloud costs, and hence this graph is an excellent tool that indicates the monthly usage cost of the cloud resources.

Section 4: Total Orders

This section shows the total number of orders received in a month-on-month basis.

Section 5: Order Status Distribution

This pie chart offers a quick view of the number of status terminated, rejected, etc.