Manage Tenants

This feature is available with “Enterprise” edition only.

You will be able to create multiple tenants within your organization account. All data including the Cloud Accounts, Tools, Templates, Scripts, Jobs etc., are isolated at the tenant level. Multiple users, roles can be created within each tenant and mapped to specific departments within your organization. Account Admin will have access to all the tenants and can switch between tenants to view the relevant information.


Navigate to IT Admin > Tenants tabHere, you can create and manage tenants. The list of existing tenants appears as shown:

Manage Tenants - List

Create Tenant

Add Tenant Information

Enter the following tenant details:

Tenant Name Ensure that the tenant name is unique within account.
Tenant Description Enter a short description about the tenant being created
Default Timezone Select a timezone from the drop-down list to change the default one.

The completed form looks as shown below:

Manage Tenants - New Tenant

Add Administrators 

Enter the Admin account addresses in the search box to tag them to the tenant.

Manage Tenants - Add Admin

Manage Notification Settings

Select the notification setting that best meets requirement, and click Save. The four settings available are:

  • Scheduled
  • Event Driven
  • On Demand
  • Requested

Manage Tenants - Notification Settings

Default Roles

The default roles for the tenant to be tagged to are given in this section. Select from the list as shown:

Manage Tenants - default roles