Manage Inventory

Inventory contains the list of Infrastructure resources that you would like to orchestrate. It contains two tabs. 

  1. Cloud Resources 
  2. Inventory 


Each item in the inventory is considered as a “Node” that is orchestrated. These “Nodes” are considered as a basis to determine the Subscription Tier.

Select Inventory tab in the side menu.

Once you are redirected to the Inventory page, you will see the list of available inventory as shown below:

Cloud Resources: 

Cloud Resources contains all the resources of your cloud accounts from both Azure and AWS. Details of the resources will be fetched from the cloud account once the account on-boarding is completed. 

Cloud Resources tab is split into three main sections – Summary, Resources and Resource Details 


Shows the consolidated summary of cloud resources by category across the multi-cloud infrastructure.



Shows the consolidated summary of resources by Resource type across the multi-cloud infrastructure.

Resource Details: 

This section displays details of a particular resource, which is already selected in the Resources section. You can perform any action that are available for the selected resource. Example: Virtual Machine have Start, Stop, Restart, Delete, etc as actions. 

Resources can be created from Inventory page. In order to do that you can select a template from Create New option from resource details section and add the resource to your cloud as well as to your Inventory.  


Inventory tab has list of resources that is managed by CoreStack. You can add and govern any resource that are available in your Cloud or On-premise like Physical servers, Routers, Switches etc. 

Inventory tab is split into three main sections – Summary, Resources and Resource Details 


Summary displays the consolidated list of inventory resources by Category across CoreStack. 


Displays the consolidated summary of resources by Resource type across CoreStack. 

Resources Details: 

Displays the details of a particular resource that is selected in the Resources section. You can make changes directly into your resource from Actions provided. Example: You can execute a template or script in you created VM. 

Utilization Graph:
This column provides user a graphical overview of the resources.
As of right now, utilization graph is available for
Cloud Resources
Azure VM
AWS Instances, S3 Buckets, AWS Lambda