Manage Inventory

Inventory contains the list of Infrastructure resources that you would like to orchestrate. This could be of multiple categories from Compute, Network or Storage resources. Templates and Scripts can be executed by pointing to specific Inventory resources as the target to be orchestrated.


Each item in the inventory is considered as a “Node” that is orchestrated. These “Nodes” are considered as a basis to determine the Subscription Tier.

Select Inventory tab in the side menu.

Once you are redirected to the Inventory page, you will see the list of available inventory as shown below:

Inventory - list


Adding Inventory

Resources created from the Self Service Portal are automatically added to the inventory. Apart from this, you can manually add your physical / virtual / cloud infrastructure using this page.

  • Start by clicking the Add Inventory button at top right of the tab
  • Select from the resource types available under Compute / Network / Storages

  • Enter the following metadata and attributes requested while adding an Inventory element.

Grouping of Inventory

While adding the Inventory as shown above, you would have noticed the fields Application and Environment. These are ways to group your inventory into a logical application that needs to be updated at one time (or) by Environment such as Staging, Production that may require to be set-up or updated together.