The platform provides integration with multiple cloud platforms – both Public & Private Clouds. You require an existing account in the respective clouds to connect them with CoreStack, as it needs the Cloud Account credentials in order to orchestrate these clouds. Rest assured, these credentials are encrypted and highly secure while with CoreStack.

The Cloud Accounts are the targets against which the orchestration templates would be executed. Adding Cloud Accounts is one of the pre-requisites before you can start executing templates in CoreStack.

CoreStack currently supports the following Services:

Platform Type Professional Enterprise
Public Clouds AWS, Azure, OpenStack Powered Public Clouds AWS, Azure, OpenStack Powered Public Clouds, Oracle
Private Clouds OpenStack OpenStack, vCenter, Azure Pack, CloudStack


  1. In the SaaS version, you cannot add a Private Cloud unless it is exposed through a Public IP (you need to provide an end-point that is accessible from internet). CoreStack is also offered as an on-premises installation, using which you can add Private Clouds available BTF (Behind The Firewall).
  2. You can add multiple Accounts under the same cloud, as long as the endpoint or access credentials are different.