Inventory Dashboard

The Inventory Dashboard provides a single pane of glass to get quick insights on multi-cloud resources.

Use the Dashboard () icon from the header menu. You can also click on the CoreStack™ logo to get here.

Most of the charts have a provision to drill down and view the details. You can click on the charts to get redirected to the respective functions to view more details.

Cloud Inventory

This is a dashboard where you can see a quick summary of your cloud resources across all the cloud accounts that you have added in CoreStack™, be it Private or Public Clouds.

Pre-requisite: You must add your Cloud Accounts to CoreStack™ to get the relevant data in this dashboard. Read more on that here.


Hovering on the charts will show the details of each resource type (as shown below):

On clicking the specific bar, you will be redirected to the “Resource List” page, where you can view the actual list of resources of the selected Cloud Account, Region & Resource type. (see below)