Reserved Instance (RI) Utilization

RI (Reserved Instances) Utilisation

This RI Utilisation Dashboard is available as part of the Cost Module. Reserved Instances in AWS, Azure provides excellent cost saving benefit when you commit for certain level of usage for specific products such as instance types or databases.

However, if you do not utilize a specific product in a particular month, you will still have to pay for the usage since it is committed. Hence it is critical to review the utilization of the RIs periodically and adjust your usage accordingly.

The summary section provides the consolidated numbers for the following

  • Effective Reservations
  • Total Net Savings
  • Total Potential Savings
  • RI’s expiring in 30 days


Note: You can choose the Currency value at the top right. This is defaulted to USD. To view the cloud accounts that are billed in other currencies, you need to change this value.

The grid view below, provides the list of Reserved Instances that are purchased currently along with relevant information and the utilization % of the RIs. The following fields are available.

Field NameField Description
TenantThe name of the CoreStack Tenant – implies a Dept or Team.
Cloud AccountThe name of the Cloud Account that represents an AWS account or Azure Subscription.
Reservations SKUThe instance type or product that is reserved. SKU stands for Stock Keeping Unit that is used to refer to a product or inventory item.
RegionThe Region/Location of the Cloud, where the reservation is applicable.
Payment OptionMonthly or Yearly.
RI Hours UsedThe no. of hours used from this reservation in the current month till date.
Utilization %The percentage utilization of this reservation. This must ideally be close to 100. Otherwise, it implies that you are paying for a reserved capacity, but not using it.
Net SavingsThe actual savings that is being realized considering the current utilization level.
Expiry DateThe date on which the reservation expires. You are expected to use the reserved capacity month on month till this date.
ActionShow Utilization.

You can click on Show Utilization under Action column to view the utilization trend and more information about the specific reserved instance.

Following Selections and Filters are available which can help in focusing on the info you need.

  • AWS, Azure – Toggle available at the top of the grid to filter by Cloud
  • Expiring < 60 days – Toggle between All days which shows all active reservations. If you need to view and focus on RIs that will expire within next 2 months, you can switch to this view.
  • You can add additional columns by selecting the respective boxes for Purchased Hours, No. of RIs, Reservation Hours Used, Status
  • Filter: You can also Filter by most of the fields available in the grid. Use the Settings Icon at the top right of the grid and choose your filter options.

Utilization Trend

When you click on the Show Utilization action for a specific reservation, you can view the utilization trend for the reservation month on month or daily view as well.

Use the period selection at the top right to switch between Current Month view or Last 3 Months view.

Overview of the reservation, related metadata and also average utilization can also be viewed here.