AWS Cloud Account Onboarding: Post-Onboarding Steps

Learn what configurations need to be made after you've onboarded your AWS cloud account(s) successfully into CoreStack,


Once you complete the previous onboarding steps , your newly onboarded AWS cloud account will be displayed on the screen, on the Account Governance main dashboard.

Configure standard permissions in your cloud account post-onboarding

Click on View > View Settings to configure the standard permissions.

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Mandatory Permissions for Configuring the AWS WAF:

  • config:DescribeConfigRuleEvaluationStatus
  • config:DescribeConfigurationRecorders
  • config:GetComplianceDetailsByConfigRule
  • config:PutConfigRule
  • config:PutEvaluations
  • iam:GetRole
  • lambda:AddPermission
  • lambda:CreateFunction
  • lambda:DeleteFunction

Optional Permissions:

  • config:DeleteConfigRule
  • wellarchitected:CreateWorkload
  • wellarchitected:GetWorkload
  • wellarchitected:ListWorkloads
  • wellarchitected:UpdateAnswer
  • wellarchitected:UpdateWorkload



  • Lambda permissions must be enabled in the AWS portal
  • Config recorder must be enabled in the AWS portal
  • IAM get role must be enabled in the AWS portal
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If Config recorder is not enabled, then you need to enable it from the AWS console.

To do this, navigate to AWS Config > Recorder in the AWS portal.