CoreStack™ Use Cases

Cloud Infrastructure Life cycle

  • Provision full stack of resources in any cloud (On-demand / Scheduled / Triggered)
    • E.g. Multi-tier deployment with VPC, Public & Private Subnets, related ACLs, App & DB Servers, Key pairs, Security Groups & Ports, Deploy & Configure Apps
  • Provision & deploy a multi-tier app across different clouds
  • Manage resource actions (On-demand / Scheduled / Triggered)
  • Scheduled back-ups of Instances / Volumes / DB
  • Purging of old snapshots (By Aging / User)
  • Image bundling (Provision VM – Deploy App/Agents – Create Image – Terminate VM)
  • Auto scaling using third-party monitoring alerts (Nagios, Zabbix)
  • Upload & execute any CFN / ARM / Heat / Mistral Templates

DevOps Automation

  • Deploy Apps / DB / Dev Environments
  • Zero down-time deployment
  • Patch management
  • Security tests
  • Log rotation, Move logs to S3
  • DB back-ups, move back-ups to S3
  • Upload & execute any Chef / Puppet / Ansible / Shell Scripts
  • Continuous Integration / Deployment (Jenkins Integration)
    • On-demand / Scheduled execution of Jobs in Jenkins (as a task within a template)
    • Provision a new VM, trigger Jenkins Job in same template

IT Life cycle Management

Monitoring (Nagios, Zabbix, sFlow)

  • Configure monitoring of Hosts, Services (Apps, DB, Webservers etc.,)
  • Network monitoring using SNMP
  • Use monitoring alerts to trigger Templates / Scripts

Log Management (Elasticsearch, Logstash)

  • Install Agents, configure log forwarding patterns
  • Log correlation
  • Log shipping (e.g S3), archival (e.g Glacier)
  • Log indexing, snapshot index & restore index [Elasticsearch]


  • Start service / DB / Webserver based on third-party monitoring alerts
  • Disaster recovery: Trigger any complex Template / Script based on alerts

Other Use Cases


  • Template-driven migration of resources between clouds of same platform
    • Between OpenStack private clouds (during Upgrades / Maintenance)
    • From OpenStack private to OpenStack public clouds (e.g Rackspace)


  • Provision VM, install Docker library, deploy Docker container(s)
  • Container-based migration of workloads between clouds

Policy-based Automation

  • Start/Stop VMs based on Business Hours, Idle Time
  • Validate security anomalies & strengthen SG /ACL rules
  • Upload custom policies