Configure Monitoring

CoreStack™ offers preloaded templates and scripts that help you configure monitoring for your hosts and services. You can execute the available Templates and Scripts to install monitoring agents, configure basic or advanced monitoring for your hosts and services.

To learn more about executing Templates and Scripts, please refer the respective sections.

Templates for configuring monitoring

The screenshot below lists the available templates for Zabbix Monitoring tool.

There are also similar set of templates available for Nagios as well.

Scripts for installing Monitoring Agent

Preloaded Ansible playbook to install Zabbix Agent in your target instances:

Also a Chef Cookbook to install Nagios NRPE client:

Monitoring in a Workflow

You can build monitoring as part of a flow of activities, rather than executing it as a standalone template or script. Let us take an example where have provisioned a VM and would like to dynamically configure monitoring for that host and the services running in it.

You have multiple options to achieve this:

  • Create a Blueprint: You can chain together multiple templates in the preferred sequence. For the above example, you can first have a template that provisions the required instance or workload and then add a monitoring template of your choice next to it.
  • Create/Modify a Template: If you execute a specific use case very frequently, you can modify a template to include all the necessary steps for Provisioning, Monitoring in the same template.