Release 3.3

Check all the new features, enhancements & fixes released as part of 3.3

I. New and Improved

1. 12612 Budget Management:

Multi Cloud Budget management in a cloud provider agnostic way with the following capabilities:

Configure : Create different budget rules at various levels ranging from a Tenant to a lower level drill down till individual cloud accounts/subscriptions.

Monitor: Ability to set and reset budgets and track them periodically at the multiple granularity levels and scopes

ForeCast: efficient forecasting model that can look at not only historical billing data but also derive patterns from these data around seasonality as well as external.

Respond: Automation response through passive & automated actions when budgets are at risk and provide flexibility to respond are various budget thresholds

2. 13262 FinOPS Maturity Assessment:

FinOPS assessment that covers Utilization and Optimization related recommendation for a specific cloud account.

3. 11944 AWS Account Onboarding Enhancement :

This enables user to configure the Cost Usage reports based on specific organizations AWS account settings:

  • Master Account(If exists) is selected to a valid Master account
  • Delegated Account - Get S3 bucket URL as an input if its selected
  • Current Account - Get S3 bucket name as an input if its selected
  • None - None should be explicitly selected if the user don't want to configure cost report access.

4. 10898 Cost Anomaly Detection:

Identify the usage based cost anaomalies based on various rules applied to the following dimensions:

  • Cloud Account/Subscription
  • Product Category
  • Resource Category
  • Tag Wise

5.13015 Enable support for GCP organization and the folder hierarchy

GCP Organization and Folder Hierarchy support enables auto-onboarding of GCP projects under folder and Organization.

6. 13043 GCP Cost Policies for Cloud Function, Big Table, Buckets, SQL Instance & Big Query

7. 12394 Enable cross service account support in GCP.

8. 11748 Cost Anomaly JIRA DC incident integration

Create incident in JIRA, for cost anomaly threshold breach events.

II. Tools Integration:

1. 12442 Microsoft Teams Integration:

Microsoft teams integration enables the user to receive any Corestack governance specific notification through the pre-configured Microsoft teams channel for the specific cloud account

III. Cloud Services Integration:

**GCP Services:

  • Cloud_IOT,
  • composer_environments,
  • redis_instances,
  • routers,
  • subscriptions,
  • GKE,
  • Data Flow Jobs,
  • cloud_dataproc_cluster

**AWS Services:

  • CloudSearch,
  • MSK,
  • WorkMail,
  • Batch,
  • AWS Migration Hub,
  • Elastic Container Registry,
  • Neptune,
  • OpsWorks,
  • Database Migration Service
  • Synthetics,
  • CloudFormation,
  • Service Catalog,
  • Systems Manager,
  • QuickSight,
  • Amazon Lex,
  • Directory Service,
  • Inspector,
  • WAF,
  • AWS Guardduty

**Azure Services:

  • Azure Log Analytics Workspace

IV. Fixes and Updates

1. 8956 Cost Posture Changes:

CSP Enhanced Cost Visibility with additional dimensions .

2. 8708 Policy Auto Remediation

Policy Auto remediation option to perform automated actions based on identified violation with follow-up notification.