Automation Dashboard

This dashboard gives you information about the no. of automation artifacts available in the specific CoreStack™ Tenant and also the number of automation jobs that have been executed along with their status break-up.

To navigate to this dashboard:

  • Use the Dashboard () icon from the header menu. You can also click on the CoreStack™ logo to get here.
  • Most of the charts have a provision to drill down and view the details. You can click on the charts to get redirected to the respective functions to view more details.

The Automations Dashboard appears as shown:

Automations Dashboard

The top section highlights the different automation jobs:

  • Templates
  • Scripts
  • Policy
  • Alerts
  • Templates Scheduled
  • Scripts Scheduled

The graphical representation of Template and Script automation jobs on a month-on-month basis is displayed to understand the change in these jobs over time.


Click the numbers in blue, to drill-down and navigate to the respective pages – templates, scripts, alerts, etc.